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Company Profile


Is to offer complete solutions to our clients problems.

The name of our Company - INstitute for CAD Implementation - reflects the principal goal of this company: to change the classical way to make projects, to use high level tools for working easely and sure.
In furtherance of this vision the board defined tree strategic initiatives:

  • design, analize, expertise of projects
  • software, tools and devices distribution
  • IT consulting, service and training
We promote open lines of communication with our clients, we are customer focused and we have build strong partnerships with them. Developing strong relationships with our clients allows us to understand their requirements, their problems, and their resources. Our approach relies on direct, continuous contact with the client. We recognize the importance of staying in touch with the daily realities that comprise each project. By doing so we are able to communicate not only the result of our work, but also the way the project was conceived, implemented, and executed.

We have gain one of the top places from the Romanian market of services in this domain. Thatís because our solutions were very apreciate and these are our future recomandations.