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BME Inicad offers customized design solutions for a variety of biomedical application as mentioned below.

For imaging applications, BME Inicad intends to develop world wide collaboration and business partnerships with image processing software companies with the intent to market and distribute their products to a presently growing market in Romania and the entire Eastern Europe:

  1. Virtual and computational models of physiological systems:
    • Customized 3D computer models of hard (bone) and soft (muscle, tendon, ligament, etc) tissues from two-dimensional medical scans (MRI, CT or X-Ray) for biomedical research.
    • Computational models of blood flow for studying arterial hemodynamics using finite elements methods for a better understanding of normal and pathological vascular physiology.
    • Optimized computer design of implantable medical devices. For example, we optimize the design of an orthopedic implant based on the interaction and mechanical stresses between artificial components and bone.
  2. Distribution and training courses in Image Processing Software for biomedical applications. This is a new direction of the Inicad BME division determined by a great demand for biomedical imaging software in Romania.