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We offer the following services for civil engineering:
  • frames from steel concrete, metal for: civil buildings (houses, office and administrative building), industrial buildings (factory, groundwork for machine-tools, trestle bridge), work art (bridges, barrage, funnel), cistern, water tower etc;
  • expertise of actual buildings and design of consolidation work for those buildings damaged from earthquakes, accidents, explosions, accidents or in the case of extent and/or rearrange them;
  • seismic analyze of special structures, considering:
    1. interaction between ground and structure, in the case of the buildings located on soils respondent to earthquakes
    2. interaction between structure and fluid in the cistern, water tower, portable structures etc
    3. calculate seismic action on industrial equipment considering level respond of spectral evaluation
  • technical assistance on building yard.

Our staff is composed of advanced degree engineers with specialties in all major areas of engineering and finite element analysis (FEA). We are equipped with state-of-the-art solid modeling and design analysis software tools. With 10 years of experience behind us, we are well versed in various facets of analytical and numerical techniques for solving civil design engineering problems.