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Structural Research & Analysis Corporation develops and markets design analysis software products for the mechanical computer-aided engineering market. Since its inception in 1982, SRAC has contributed innovations that have had a significant impact on the evolution of FEA.

The COSMOS/ programs are presently the leading PC based design analysis software programs in the computer aided engineering field. Many of the innovations now being used in design analysis software programs were initially developed at SRAC. These include developing the first new code (COSMOS/M) to bring finite element analysis to desktop computers, the first completely new high speed solution code, and the first analysis programs to work with CAD programs - for AutoCAD and Pro/ENGINEER.

In 1995, SRAC entered the emerging mainstream market, partnering with Bentley Systems and SolidWorks. We created COSMOS/Works, one of the very first SolidWorks Gold Products which grew to become the top selling analysis solution for SolidWorks, outselling its competition by thousands of seats.

By early 1998, we offered individual analysis solutions for AutoCAD/Mechanical Desktop, CADKEY, Eureka Gold (recently reborn as thinkdesign from think3), IronCAD, MicroStation Modeler, Pro/DESKTOP, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidDesigner, Solid Edge and SolidWorks.

But even while cementing these relationships, adding others, and building up an over 400-strong worldwide Value-Added Reseller network, we were hard at work developing a new analysis architecture to match those of today's popular mainstream solid modeling and design programs.

In April 1999, SRAC began shipping COSMOS/DesignSTAR, a new design analysis program that works with virtually all popular design programs - providing a single analysis solution for engineers in any size company, regardless of which or how many different CAD programs they use.

We at SRAC are dedicated to providing easy-to-use, powerful design analysis to engineers of all ranks who are involved in product design. We are dedicated to helping companies design and manufacture the highest quality, most efficient products quickly and competitively.

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